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Job opportunities for experienced Middle/Senior/Lead Data engineers
AI Technologies, Infrastructure solutions, Banking, eCommerce, Telecom
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Data Hiring Day: how to participate?
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Introductory chat
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Technical interview
An interview with project's tech experts.
Job offer and welcome bonus
Accept a job offer the very same day and get get a DJI Mavic Air 2 as a welcome bonus*.

*Bonus money equivalent Senior\Lead 3000 USD, Strong Middle 2000 USD, Middle 1500 USD.
Client interview (optional)
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A unique, Sharia-compliant digital banking and wealth proposition in the heart of London. We are not just another digital bank offering a seamless banking experience with certainty, security, and simplicity but more. Our mission is to help people sustain and grow their wealth for future generations. We do this by solving problems people have instead of just selling boring banking products. We achieve this in a socially responsible way, driven by innovation and backed by a leading financial institution who are in it for the long run.
Sharia-compliant digital banking
  • Good working knowledge of AWS data analytics services (Kinesis, Redshift, Quicksight)
  • Extensive hands-on experience working with AWS DynamoDB
Our customer is one of the most well-known brands in the Automotive parts industry: an international corporation with over a hundred years of history. We are engaged with US-based branch to support their efforts in Digital and eCommerce space. Our team works on cloud infrastructure and solutions that facilitate sales and marketing of their products in the North America.
Data Platform for Automotive Industry
  • Proficiency in SQL
  • Hands-on experience with Python
  • Working experience with AWS Cloud
The US-based company provides government agencies, law enforcement, transportations, parking management, and property management solutions. They set up camera units to track traffic: do license plate recognition, count vehicles, detect accidents, detect unsafe speed, wrong way alerts, etc. Their solutions make cities safer, help to optimize traffic, make necessary changes to transportation infrastructure, find stolen vehicles, decrease CO2 emissions, etc.
AI-powered infrastructure solutions
  • 2+ years of experience as DB Developer for PostgreSQL;
  • Expert at efficient and flexible data modeling (schema design);
Data Practice team is a part of Intellias Technology office and our main goal is to bring modern data processing, analysis, and infrastructure practices to our potential, new and existing customers.
Intellias TO
  • 5+ years of experience Data Engineering;
  • Strong experience with RDBMS and NoSQL;
  • Strong experience building Data Warehouses, Datamart and analytics solutions;
  • 5+ years of experience Data Engineering;
  • Strong experience with RDBMS and NoSQL;
  • Strong experience building Data Warehouses, Datamart and analytics solutions;
Our client is the fastest-growing global manufacturing company. It operates in 120 countries and has 399 offices around the world, working on internationally recognized brands and Reduced-Risk Products. Intellias' mission is to support their strategy and efforts in digital and e-Commerce space.
High-Tech Consumer Engagement Platform
  • Senior experience in PostgreSQL/MySql database administration
  • Experience working with high availability scenarios using PostgreSQL/MySql
  • 2 years of experience building data Pipelines with Python
  • 3 years of experience with SQL - database design, big data query, and query optimization
Cloud Voice Platform is a web-scale, turnkey, virtualized software solution developed by our US client. It enables cable, mobile, telco, and other broadband providers to rapidly customize, launch, and profit from VoIP and UC services. Using Cloud Voice Platform, service providers can focus on their key business outcomes—onboarding customers and making them happy—instead of dealing with complex VoIP technology.
Telecommunication project - USA
  • Experience in Terraform
  • 5+ years of experience as a software engineer with 3+ years Data focused
  • Mastery in Python (Experience with AWS Glue, Spark, Airflow, DBT, DataBricks, or similar)
Our client is innovative and operates in AI and corporations' digitalisation by empowering businesses with real-time AI data processing. Their goal is to provide businesses with meaningful AI. The company's approach to the E2E AI product applies to all areas of business.
AI and corporations' digitalization
  • Expert Level SQL, PL/pgSQL, including stored procedures, functions, triggers, and views.
  • Experience working with Cloud database technology, specifically Redshift
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